Pack of 10 Henry Hoover Paper Dust Bags


paper bags to fit Henry Hoover

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Pack of 10 Vacuum Bags for Henry

1 Packet of 10 paper dust bags to fit Henry, Hetty, James & many others.

These dust bags keep the dust where it should be, inside your machine & not floating around your house.

Using bags keeps the suction higher & gives the vacuum a greater lifespan. When vacuums are used without bags the dust that's in the drum is drawn up to the cloth filter as soon as it is switched on. So the motor is fighting against that layer of dust before it sucks the dirt from your floor - reducing the suction.
Also bags gives an extra layer of filtration. Without bags some dust is pulled through the cloth filter & then through the motor. The friction of dust passing through the fans of the motor helps the motor to overheat & also wears the motor out quicker.


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